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 Plan now for A VNPS RESEARCH GRANT AWARD in 2018 


The 'Next Generation' at Tri-State Native Plant Conference Field Trip 


Huntley Meadows Park: Photo by Nancy Vehrs, Cox Conserves Hero Finalist 2017. Vote!


Nursery manager mixes green thumb, love of art to create native plant posters. Click to learn more.


Fundraising in 2016 Helped to Grow The Cedars Natural Area Preserve

These plants will disappear unless we can control the deer population.      Photos by Charles Smith

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VNPS Fundraiser: Land Acquisition

Our partners at the Virginia Natural Heritage Program tell us that conserving large pieces of land is the single most important contribution we can make to preserving functioning ecosystems, biodiversity, and individual species of both flora and fauna. Please help us to help them be in a position to be able acquire land when the possibility arises. Read our President’s letter explaining the drive, and DONATE BY MAIL. Or, read the President’s letter, and then click here to DONATE ONLINE Photo by Gary Fleming.


Flora of Virginia App now available: Android and IOS  Cost is $19.99 and worth every penny!


Research to Help Native Plants!

The VNPS will be awarding funds for research grants in 2018; all the information is now available here: RESEARCH GRANT AWARDS 2018. The application period runs from January 1st to February 15th, and  awards will be made public in March. We anticipate awarding two or three grants this year, including at least one to an undergraduate student. The Grants page above also describes the research projects that have been completed using funds from this award.

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Walk With A Botanical Bunch

Many are the pleasures of a stroll into shady woods or floriferous meadows on a fair summer’s day.  Exuberant spring is spent and plants still verdant and youthful now assume attitudes more calm and serene. But when you go out to walk with a Botanical Bunch, you can... read more

Iris and Iridaceae Taxonomy Overview in Flora of Virginia

Worldwide, Iridaceae, the Iris Family comprises 65 genera and approximately 6700-7170 species. The growth forms of this family range from herbs to shrubs with all of our species being herbaceous. The Iris Family or Iridaceae was named by A.L. de Jussieu in 1789. This... read more

The Lycophytes

While I was writing about ferns and mosses, I became aware of other plants that could not be ignored, since some are very common here, such as Ground-pine and Running-cedar. These plants are Lycophytes, which happen to be the first entry of Taxonomic Treatments in the... read more

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