Potowmack Chapter 2020 Annual Meeting & Program [via Zoom]

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Sunday, November 15, 2020
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm


The VNPS Potowmack Chapter 2020 Annual Meeting & Program will be held via Zoom Video Conference at 1pm on Sunday, November 15, 2020.

Per the Potowmack Chapter Bylaws, this meeting is held to elect officers and at-large members of the Board, to approve the budget for the following year, and to conduct such other business as may be appropriate. Proxy ballots, the proposed 2021 budget, the Slate of Candidates for Election, and proposed Bylaws amendments will be included in the September-October 2020 issue of the Potowmack News newsletter sent to all members.

View the recorded Zoom Video Program


Dr. Andrea Weeks will be discussing her research project, Recovering Native Plant Diversity in the Piedmont, that aims to initiate a long-term floristic study of Gilbert’s Corner in Loudoun County to support ongoing habitat restoration at the site and to educate the public about the importance of conserving local biodiversity. The project is the recipient of the inaugural Mary Pockman Memorial Research Grant from VNPS.

Dr. Weeks’ research focuses on the systematics, historical biogeography, and evolution of flowering plants, particularly those within the frankincense and myrrh family, Burseraceae. She is interested in testing hypotheses regarding how plant lineages are related, how their extant geographic distributions became established over time, and how their morphological and physiological features evolved. Her studies rely on both molecular data gathered in the laboratory and morphological observations gathered in the field and the herbarium. She also conducts molecular phylogeographic studies of single species to inform taxonomic decisions, establish conservation priorities for vulnerable taxa, and investigate the history of domestication for cultivated species. Dr. Weeks is also director of the Ted R. Bradley Herbarium at George Mason University and is engaged in making this valuable resource of information about the Virginia flora available to the public via the Internet.

Slate of Candidates for Election

The following members are proposed for election or reelection to the VNPS Potowmack Chapter Board of Directors.

  • Alan Ford, President
  • Scott Knudsen, Treasurer
  • Mark Murphy, Vice-President
  • Pat Salamone, Secretary

Proposed Bylaws Amendments

In accordance with § 11.2 of the Bylaws, the Potowmack Chapter Board proposes the following changes to the Bylaws for a vote by the membership at the Annual Meeting. View the current Potowmack Chapter Bylaws.

§ 4.1 An annual meeting of the Chapter membership shall be held each year [deleting “in September or October”].
§ 9.3 Officers and standing committee chairmen shall be elected to serve for one year from January 1 to December 31 [replacing November 1 to October 31].
§ 9.6 The Executive Committee shall appoint an eligible member to fill any vacated or newly created office or standing committee chairmanship. Those so appointed shall serve until the following December 31 [replacing October 31].
§ 10.1 [Insert “The Board may form a”] Nominating Committee which shall consist of one non-elected Board member and two members-at-large who are not members of the Board.