Buffalo Creek Nature Area

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September, 1992 Bedford & Campbell Counties Blue Ridge Chapter


Along Buffalo Creek, the Westvaco Corporation preserved a unique hemlock forest, which does not usually occur at such a low elevation. In the spring a showy display of flora greets visitors to the nature trails, and an abundant variety of wildflowers can be seen throughout the year.

From the November, 1992 edition of the VNPS Bulletin:

Westvaco’s Buffalo Creek Nature Area, a seventy-five acre natural area preserve in Bedford and Campbell counties, was accepted into the VNPS Registry. Westvaco Timberlands Division Area Supervisor Trenor Hypes attended the banquet and accepted a Registry plaque and a framed print of dwarf ginseng, Panex trifolius, a unique find in the Nature Area.

Buffalo Creek Nature Area is an easily accessed public area which straddles Route 24 near Evington. One section is bisected by a five and one-half mile trail which can be leisurely traveled in about three hours. The trail leads through six distinct plant communities: open field, bottomland hardwood forest, hollows, upland hardwood forest, Virginia pine forest, and hemlock forest. Wildflowers are prolific in the area; peak bloom time usually occurs from the end of April through the beginning of May.

Buffalo Creek Nature Area is southwest of Lynchburg near Evington.

Evington, Virginia

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