Turkey Run Park

Turkey Run Park, McLean, Potowmack Chapter

This 700-acre park, owned by the National Park Service and managed by the George Washington Memorial Parkway, is considered the crown jewel of forested sites in the Potomac River Gorge. The forest is mostly mature with pockets of old growth. There are six forest community types many of which are ranked as state or globally rare including Beech/Sugar Maple Unglaciated Basic Mesic Forest, Northern Piedmont Basic Low-Elevation Boulderfield Forest, Central Appalachian/Northern Piedmont Mixed Oak Bluff Forest, Northern Piedmont/Lower New England Basic Seepage Swamp and Mixed Bedrock Floodplain Rocky Bars and Shores. There are 20 state rare, threatened or endangered species in the park, including some species more common in the Appalachians. 

More about Turkey Run Park at the National Park Service website.