Wildflower of the Year Selection Procedures


Any member of VNPS may nominate a species for consideration.


All nominations become candidates for selection. The VNPS Board of Directors votes on the candidates, and the species receiving the largest number of votes is selected.


  • Must be a plant native to Virginia
  • Must not be an invasive, a pest, or an obnoxious weed
  • Should stimulate interest in membership and among the public because of its attractive, showy, colorful, or unique flower or other attributes
  • Must be interesting because of habitat, historical role, abundance or rarity, ecological niche, or other feature
  • May be either common or rare in Virginia
  • Need not be of horticultural interest, but this could be a “plus”
  • Selected plant ideally should tie in with VNPS emphasis on habitat (e.g., marshlands, rock outcroppings, disturbed areas).
  • The VNPS Botany Chair oversees the selection process and prepares the text for the brochure.

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