Get the Flora of Virginia into an Exhibition

floralibrexhibforletterLet’s get the Flora of Virginia into an exhibition at the Library of Virginia! The Flora, a result of many years of fundraising and research, published a this time last year, has already become an invaluable resource for botanists at every level of interest. An amazing exhibit is planned for an extended time, from March through September 2014. This exhibit will explore the science and art relating to Virginia’s plants, and the funds will be earmarked for production of the exhibition itself, educational programs, and traveling exhibits. This project will raise awareness of native plants among our friends as well as many who have not yet considered the importance of these species in our daily lives. Our goal is to raise $15,000 to help ensure the success of this exhibition. We’re just over halfway there, won’t you please help us out with a check today? Please read more below about what the exhibition will do and mail your check to: 400 Blandy Farm Road, Unit 2, Boyce, VA 22620. Your donation is tax-deductible in compliance with the rules for a non-profit organization, which we are!

This is no static display in an obscure location! Free to the public, “Flora of Virginia” will be a visually engaging exhibition highlighting the botanical exploration of Virginia from colonial days through 2012’s publication of the Flora of Virginia. It is science meets art and art meets science! A drawing station will encourage visitors to try their hand at sketching a specimen and give them the option of submitting it for viewing on the library’s Facebook page. The exhibition will also be condensed into traveling panel exhibits that, beginning in July 2014, will be available free to Virginia’s museums and public libraries.

The Flora of Virginia exhibition will explore three main questions:

1) What Is the Flora of Virginia? The exhibition will explain how the Flora was created and how it is being used by scientists and the general public to preserve habitats and gauge the health of the Commonwealth’s biota.

2) Who Are the Collectors? The exhibition will highlight some of the personalities associated with botanical collection and description in the Commonwealth and describe the fieldwork and collection process.

3) How And Why Do We Describe Plants? The exhibition will examine the development of taxonomic classification (such as Linnaeus’s work) and description using herbarium specimens and the botanical illustrations published by Mark Catesby and others.

This is an exciting opportunity to highlight our diverse Virginia flora and engage the public in learning about and appreciating our plants. We hope that we can count on your support for this worthwhile endeavor.

Thank you in advance!
Nancy Vehrs, President, on behalf of the VNPS Board of Directors