VNPS Grows Two Virginia Natural Area Preserves

Virginia Sneezeweed (Helenicum virginicum) by Sally Anderson

Mount Joy Pond Natural Area Preserve The Virginia Native Plant Society has become a landowner! On October 23 the VNPS officially took possession of approximately 85 acres of land adjoining Mount Joy Pond Natural Area Preserve in Augusta County in the Shenandoah Valley.  [ Google Map ] The land acquisition cost was $299,000 and was made possible… [Read More]

VNPS Members Honored by Prince William Conservation Alliance

Nancy Vehrs and Jim Waggener

The Prince William Conservation Alliance recently honored two long-time members of the Virginia Native Plant Society, Nancy Vehrs and Jim Waggener, for their service, contributions, and advocacy for conservation. The Alliance works to explore, enjoy and protect our natural areas, and increase community involvement in stewardship opportunities. Nancy Vehrs received the 2018 Heart of Gold Award…. [Read More]

One Chapter’s Call to Action

A Call to Action! Can you help?

As far back as last summer, the Potowmack chapter had decided to do something different at its Annual Meeting. Board members would still have to be elected, of course, and a budget passed. After that part of the meeting, the chapter had always in the past offered a field trip or walk, but this year,… [Read More]

Wild and Wonderful West Virginia: Report from the Field

Photo by Carrie Blair

In a perfect combination rare plants and plant people came together on last month’s VNPS extended field trip to West Virginia. The “flower per hour” crowd enjoyed perfect weather and were very happy taking time to get to know the plants and watch for pollinators, reported Sally Anderson, who was on the trip, and has… [Read More]