My Journey With the Flora of Virginia

By Marion Lobstein My interest in plants goes back to my childhood exploring and earning Girl Scout nature badges. As an undergraduate at Western Carolina University in the 1960s, I took my first plant identification class and really got hooked. Later, At UNC-Chapel Hill, I had the opportunity to take a plant taxonomy class with…

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‘Spirit of Inquiry’ drove Chris Ludwig

Chris Ludwig Retirement 20190304 Photo by Jason Bulluck

Chris Ludwig, botanist, zoologist, and general all-arounder with the Virginia Natural Heritage Program, is off to greener pastures after 30 very busy years in the conservation community. And I do mean actual pastures right now since, as I write, Chris and his wife, Jolie, are staring out across the Serengeti as wildebeest swarm and flocks…

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Get the Flora of Virginia into an Exhibition

Let’s get the Flora of Virginia into an exhibition at the Library of Virginia! The Flora, a result of many years of fundraising and research, published a this time last year, has already become an invaluable resource for botanists at every level of interest. An amazing exhibit is planned for an extended time, from March…

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