Second Annual Poison Ivy Day

Poison ivy is a beautiful red color in fall.

You didn’t know? Well, it’s true.  April 1, 2015 is officially the Second Annual Poison Ivy Day. You missed the first Annual PI Day? For goodness sake, you need to pay closer attention! Virginia is the pioneer state on this one, but we are pretty sure others will be following our lead by next year. California… [Read More]

Manage White-Tailed Deer to Protect Our Natural Heritage

Left: Forest with healthy understory   Right: Over-browsed forest with no understory. Photos by Charles Smith

Most residents of Virginia understand the need to change human land use practices to stop or minimize habitat destruction and preserve our native plant communities. An increasing number of people also support combating the spread of non-native invasive species to include problem plant species and insects such as the emerald ash borer beetle which girdles… [Read More]

The Living Landscape: Summary of Rick Darke’s Talk

Juniperous virginiana, Eastern red cedar, especially beloved by cedar waxwings

Rick Darke recently gave a talk on his new book, co-authored with Doug Tallamy, The Living Landscape;  sponsored by our Prince William Wildflower Society Chapter and delivered to a full house of over 180 attendees. This new book is much more than a traditional “how-to” design manual. It is a thoughtful analysis of the natural harmony of relationships… [Read More]