Native Plant Nurseries

Listing Policy:
⊛ The nursery sells primarily native plants and does not sell invasive species as defined in the Virginia Invasive Plant Species List published by the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation Natural Heritage Program.
⊛ Plants are propagated from nursery stock or responsibly collected seeds and not removed from the wild to sell.

VNPS does not endorse or recommend any individual nursery and is not responsible for the accuracy of claims made by those organizations included in this listing. Please report any infractions to this policy.

To submit a nursery or plant sale to the list, or to provide updates or corrections, please contact the VNPS office at or (540) 837-1600.

Download the Native Plant Nursery List as an Excel File (.xlsx) or as a CSV File (.csv)

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 NameCity Phone Website
Good Seed NativesRichmond, Virginia(804)
Moulton Hot NativesRichmond, VA(703)
Parallel NurseryRichmond, Virginia(540)
Reedy Creek EnvironmentalRichmond, VA(804)
RVA Homegrown NativesRichmond, VA(804)
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