Botanizing with Marion

In 2001, Chris Ludwig and Marion Lobstein helped start the Flora of Virginia Project with the support of many others in the Virginia botanical community. Dedicated scientists, botanists, naturalists, artists, donors, individuals, and organizations made enormous contributions to the Project over the following years.

The Flora came to life in 2012 when the Flora Project published the first Flora of Virginia print edition by Alan S. Weakly, J. Cristopher Ludwig, and John F. Townsend

Finding Wildlowers presents detailed information on specific parks, trails, riverbanks, marshes, and other natural areas where wildflowers thrive. Detailed maps of the locations and directions show readers how to get to each site. A final section lists some 450 wildflower species found in the region, noting each flower's blooming period, its preferred habitat, the locations where it can be found, and whether it is common, uncommon, or rare.

A rich and welcome resource for everyone who enjoys wildflowers—casual walker and dedicated student alike. View more information and order the book online.

The Spring Wildflowers video includes information on nearly 100 species of spring wildflowers found in our area. The 35mm slides used to develop the wildflower stills provide details for identification as well as enjoyment of the beauty of these wonderful plants. You will also find wildflower life cycle information including ecological influences on vegetative and flower production, pollination, seed and fruit dispersal, underground storage structures, and historical, medicinal and edible uses.

Red Barn Fall Foliage - Watercolor by Marion Lobstein

Selections from Marion's recent watercolor art work.

Marion's activities and service over 45 years in the Virginia Academy of Science. In 2003, Marion was selected as a Fellow of the Academy for her scholarly accomplishments and outstanding service to the academy.