Spring Wildflowers of the Mid-Atlantic

in the late 1990s, Marion Lobstein and two of her former students, John DeMary and Suzanne Lohr, developed and produced a beautiful video about spring wildflowers in our area. What began as a class project blossomed into a feature-lenth video titled Spring Wildflowers of the Mid-Atlantic Region, which received a 1998 Telly Award for excellence in non-network productions. The 48 minute video was later converted to DVD with sale proceeds supporting the Foundation of the Flora of Virginia Project.

To encourage interest in and appreciation of our local wildflowers, Marion, John, and Suzanne recently agreed to donate the Spring Wildflowers video to the Virginia Native Plant Society for viewing and distribution through the VNPS Website and social media.

Spring Wildflowers includes information on nearly 100 species of spring wildflowers found in our area. The 35mm slides used to develop the wildflower stills provide details for identification as well as enjoyment of the beauty of these wonderful plants. You will also find wildflower life cycle information including ecological influences on vegetative and flower production, pollination, seed and fruit dispersal, underground storage structures, and historical, medicinal and edible uses.

View the Species List as presented in Spring Wildflowers of the Mid-Atlantic.

Marion Lobstein

Marion Lobstein

Marion Lobstein is a founding Board and Life Member of the Virginia Native Plant Society, Professor Emeritus of Northern Virginia Community College, and Vice-President of the Foundation of the Flora of Virginia Project. For many years she conducted tours and taught classes for the Smithsonian Resident Associates Program. Her academic degrees include a BSEd (Biology) from Western Carolina University, MAT from UNC-Chapel Hill, and MS in Biology from George Mason University. She is co-author of Finding Wildflowers in the Washington-Baltimore AreaMarion serves on the Board of Directors of the Foundation of the Flora of Virginia Project and is a former Board Member of the Foundation of the State Arboretum.