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VNPS Website2023DecemberNewTaxonomy of the Violet Family (Violaceae)
Wild News2012November-DecemberTaxonomic Changes for Regional Species of Goldenrod
Wild News2013March-AprilHistory of Classification of Claytonia virginica (Spring Beauty)
Wild News2014March-AprilVirginia Bluebells and Virginia Waterleaf: Together Again in Boraginaceae
Wild News2014January-FebruarySkunk Cabbage and Duckweed: Strange Bedfellows in Arum Family?
Wild News2014July-AugustWild Ginger, the Birthwort Family, and Basal Angiosperm Taxonomy & Glossary
Wild News2014September-OctoberTaxonomy Is a Changin' for Ol' Joe-pye and the Eupatoriums
Wild News2015May-JuneHeuchera americana (American alumroot) and Saxifragaceae
Wild News2015September-OctoberCaprifoliaceae, the Honeysuckle Family: Viburnums and Elderberries Out; Teasels and Valerians In!
Wild News2016January-FebruaryPoison Ivy, Poison Oak, and Poison Sumac in Genus Toxicodendron; Other Sumacs Remain in Rhus in the Anacardiaceae
Wild News2016January-FebruaryThe Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful? Local Species of the Cashew family (Anacardiaceae)
Wild News2016May-JuneGeranium maculatum and Geraniaceae Taxonomy Overview in Flora of Virginia
Wild News2016November-DecemberMonarda Species and Lamiaceae Taxonomy Overview in the Flora of Virginia
Wild News2017January-FebruaryGymnosperm Groups in the Flora of Virginia
Wild News2017July-AugustBugbane or Black Cohosh is now Actaea racemose rather than Cimicifuga racemosa
Wild News2017July-AugustRanunculaceae and Black Cohosh Taxonomic Overviews
Wild News2017November-DecemberAnnonaceae and Asimina Taxonomy
Wild News2018July-AugustPapaveraceae (Poppy Family) and Sanguinaria canadensis (Bloodroot) Taxonomy in the Flora of Virginia
Wild News2019November-DecemberTaxonomy of Clubmosses in Lycophyaceae
Wild News2020May-JuneAn Overview of the History of the Naming and Classification of Mayapple
Wild News2020September-OctoberThere and Back Again: A Short Taxonomic History of Milkweed
Wild News2020November-DecemberThe Broomrape Family (Orobanchaceae), Formerly Composed of Only Holoparsites, now Includes Hemiparasites from the Figwort family (Scrophulariaceae)
Wild News2021November-DecemberChanges in Woody Plant Species Taxonomy
Wild News2021January-FebruaryFerns & Fern-Allies Checklist
Wild News2021January-FebruaryTaxonomic Changes in Pteridophytes
Wild News2021March-AprilHarbinger-of-Spring (Erigenia bulbosa) and Apiaceae Taxonomy Overview
Wild News2021May-JuneThe Liliaceous Families: Where Have All the Former Members of the Lily Family Gone?
Wild News2021July-AugustChanges in Taxonomy of Chelone glabra and the Traditional Scrophulariaceae (Figwort Family)
Wild News2021September-OctoberOverview of Changes to Asteraceae and Aster Species Found in Northern Virginia to Upper Shenandoah National Park
Wild News2022January-FebruaryHepatica americana and Hepatica acutiloba and Ranunculaceae (Buttercup Family) Taxonomy
Wild News2022January-FebruaryRound-Lobed Hepatica Formerly Anemone americana Is Now Hepatica americana
Wild News2022May-JuneIris and Iridaceae Taxonomy Overview in Flora of Virginia App
Wild News2022July-AugustMagnoliaceae, the Magnolia Family in Virginia and the Taxonomy of Virginia Species
Wild News2022September-OctoberPartridge Pea and Senna Species