2018 Annual Meeting Photos

Blackwater Ecological Preserve with Nick Flanders

The Blackwater Ecological Preserve is the 319-acre heart of the Zuni Pine Barrens Natural Area Preserve, now covering more than 1,000 contiguous acres.  The preserve contains plants not found elsewhere in the state. Among the rare plants expected to be seen are October flower, wooly chaff head, sandy woods chaff head, smooth false foxglove and numerous sedges and grasses.The preserve is a northern-most remnant of a once-vast ecosystem that covered about 93 million acres, of which only a fraction remains. View Gallery

Butterflies & The Plants That Love Them

Adrienne Frank and Gary Driscole, members of the John Clayton Chapter, are experts on “Butterflies and the Plants that Love Them.” Using the brochure they developed for the Williamsburg area, they teamed up with entomologist Ken Lorenzen to teach Annual Meeting goers about local butterflies. Even though the Meeting was delayed due to Hurricane Florence, we still saw many beautiful butterflies in the community garden, under the power lines and along the edge of the Warhill drainage pond. Dr. Lorenzen even caught several so that we could get up close and personal.  All photos by Janet Pawlukiewicz. View Gallery

Native Plants in Downtown Williamsburg with Phillip Merritt

In some ways, downtown Williamsburg is like a 300-acre botanical garden. Both Colonial Williamsburg and the College of William & Mary have extensive collections of plants adorning their grounds. This tour will focus on the native trees and shrubs that line Williamsburg’s historic streets, as well covering a bit of history on how they came to be. View Gallery

William & Mary Herbarium and Greenhouse with Beth Chambers & Patty White-Jackson

This field trip will be an indoor tour of the William & Mary Biology Greenhouse and Herbarium, both located in the Integrated Science Center on Campus. The greenhouse supports botanical research, including current studies focusing on milkweed and pollinators, and monkeyflower (Mimulus spp.) flowering genetics. View Gallery

William & Mary College Woods

The College Woods is a natural preserve of approximately 960 acres owned by William & Mary. The Woods supports a relatively diverse flora in a mature coastal plain forest which has been under long-term biological study by members of the university for decades. View Gallery