Statewide Events!
Statewide Events!


Be sure to check out these state-wide events coming up this year:

Virginia Native Plant Society Workshop 2017 on March 4, 2017

Tri-State Native Plant Conference 2017 from September 29 to October 1, 2017


Be sure to visit our Facebook pages! The VNPS State Facebook page is at
and our Potowmack Chapter Facebook page is at They have lots of short, interesting articles on native plant facts, issues and events (with awesome photos). Don’t miss any of them.

“Plant NoVA Natives” is an exciting new program to encourage the use of native plants in Northern Virginia. Click here for details

2014 VNPS Notecards are now available for sale! Click here for details.

Trumpet Vine (Campsis radicans) growing on the work shed at our propagation beds at Green Spring Gardens. Join us to help propagate native plants every Wednesday morning from 9:30 to noon from April through October.