Attracting Birds and Butterflies: How to Plan and Plant a Backyard Habitat.
Barbara Ellis. New York, New York: Houghton Mifflin Co., 1997.
This book includes native and non-native plants.

Attracting Birds, Butterflies and Other Backyard Wildlife.
David Mizejewski. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Creative Homeowner, 2004.
A National Wildlife Federation book with instructions and ideas for creating and improving wildlife habitats; lists of native plants to the U.S. Check our lists for plants native to the Gloucester/Newport News/Williamsburg area.

Life Cycles of Butterflies.
Judy Burris and Wayne Richards. China: R.R. Donnelley, 2006.
List native and non-native host plants for caterpillars, nectar plants for butterflies; shows comparison photographs of eggs, caterpillars, chrysalises and adults. Good for children and adults.