VNPS Note Cards

Butterflies with native plants

VNPS is offering the latest in a series of note card sets that portray native plants with the animals that benefit from them. There are four 5″x7″ cards and envelopes in each set. Each card in the set shows a different plant and animal. The new set has the butterflies and plants pictured above (left to right):

There are three previous sets in the series that portrayed birds with native plants. The images below show the sets from 2011, 2012 and 2013 (left to right). These sets are still available for sale.


The sets are $15 each and all proceeds go to benefit VNPS. The sets may be purchased at any Potowmack Chapter plant sale or monthly meeting. For more information send an email to


The paintings were done by local artist B.J. Opfer, an award winning artist who specializes in animal portraits.