PWWS Registry Sites

The Prince William Wildflower Society is the VNPS chapter sponsor for two VNPS Native Plant Site Registry locations.

Merrimac Farm Wildlife Management Area

The first Registry site sponsored by PWWS was recognized for the large stand of Virginia bluebells and other spring wildflowers in the Cedar Run floodplain, and also for the upland forest community in the northern and western portions of the property. This forest is one of the best stands left in Prince William with high species diversity, low levels of deer browse, little human disturbance for 50-80 years and few invasive plants. A portion of the forest is classified as upland depressional forest, a fairly rare plant community type characterized by a perched water table and wet-tolerant species.

Manassas National Battlefield Park

This site, the second sponsored by PWWS , is administered by the National Park Service. The rich Civil War historic area of the First and Second Battles of Manassas provides a wide array of natural habitats with good plant species diversity. Recognition as a VNPS Registry Site emphasizes the importance of protecting these species, many of which were present at the time of the Civil War battles. Thus, there is human as well as natural history significance to this site.