Warm Hearth Pollinator Garden


2387 Warm Hearth Dr.

Blacksburg, VA 24060

Visiting Hours

Sunrise to sunset

Volunteer Contacts

The pollinator garden at Warm Hearth was established several years ago by a resident couple who have since aged out of gardening. They still support the garden financially with a yearly contribution. The garden is located across from the Village Center and up the stairs leading to the paved walkway with signage.  It is open to visitors and residents.

In January 2019, Rosemarie Sawdon volunteered to maintain the garden and has been working alone, with the exception of a little help with signage. The garden's size allows her to be the sole care taker and is within walking distance of her home, so she has not requested additional volunteer help. Most of the plants are identified, and this is an ongoing project. The garden has a variety of 21 plantings, most of which are native. Rosemarie has added only natives since she took charge and plans to add more this year.  A list of the plantings is provided below.