Glade Road Growing Pollinator Garden


2351 Glade Road

Blacksburg, VA 24060

Visiting Hours

Sunrise - Sunset

Volunteer Contacts

Glade Road Growing's farming methods are based on building and maintaining soil health, biodiversity, and community involvement (read: fun). We grow all our own certified naturally grown produce. We do our best to serve as caretakers of the land by using organic matter-based mulches and cover crops. Although our intensive cultivation area only occupies about four acres, we also manage the remaining 44 acres of the property, part in rotational pasture and part in a managed riparian area for a tributary of Tom’s Creek.

In 2019 Vikki Fix and Mara Grossman planned and added a native plant garden at the entrance and added native plants to the plants already in the garden next to the building housing the farm stand and brewery.  In 2020 Vikki Fix and Lori Morrey cleared the weeds along the fence and Vikki added native plants in that area.  Both of these projects were done as a Master Naturalist project.  Since then Vikki has maintained the gardens and added a few plants each year.

The gardens also include annuals typically found in farm yards, e.g., hollyhocks, cosmos, marigolds, and herbs used in cooking, e.g., sage, oregano, horseradish.

Come by and introduce yourself- we’d love to meet you.