Potting Party for Plant Sale plants

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Date(s) - Sunday, April 14, 2019
1:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Mike Belcher's House


We also need volunteers with trucks, vans or trailers to take plants home for babysitting until the sale.

Plants SHOULD NOT be stored indoors, on picnic tables, on shelves or on patios. They need to sit on the ground in the same kind of environment in which they would naturally grow. So woodland plants should be stored on the ground under deciduous trees and sun-loving summer plants should be stored on the ground in sunny areas. There is no need to mulch the plants or to actually bury them in the ground. Don’t worry about cold spells, these plants evolved for just that kind of weather. Mother Nature should take care of the watering, but if we get less than an
inch of rain a week, please water.

We ask that you volunteer to store the plants ONLY if you have your own way of transporting them from the potting party to your house and from your house to the plant sale in May. The individual pots (4”x4” x4”) will go in 15-pot trays that are 13” X 21.” With more than 300 pots, we are looking to store and transport about 24 trays. If you normally bring lots of plants from your property to the sale, it may be better not to volunteer to store plants because then you would be limited in what you could bring from home.

Meet: Mike Belcher’s house, 2611 Northview Drive, SW, Roanoke, VA 24015

Contact: Ellen Holtman, 389-1514

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