Protect Shenandoah Mountain Fund

Generous donors contributed more than $50,000 in our Annual Fundraiser to help the Virginia Wilderness Committee (VWC) and the Friends of Shenandoah Mountain (FSM) protect and preserve four key wilderness areas in the proposed  Shenandoah Mountain National Scenic Area of Virginia.

Thank you!

Although the Forest Service owns this land, private individuals and companies own the underground mineral rights and can develop and extract those minerals. As long as there is the possibility of development and mining, the Forest Service will not protect these lands by designating them as a National Scenic Area or Wilderness Area.

Shenandoah Mountain Photo by Lynn Cameron

Shenandoah Mountain View Photo by Lynn Cameron

We hope to help VWC and FSM with our financial assistance to acquire mineral rights from the current owners and transfer those rights to the Forest Service.  They have already had success in acquiring mineral rights in these areas and need our help to continue identifying mineral rights ownership and to purchase the rights for four tracts that have been identified.

According to the Committee, National Scenic Area designation will protect the area from logging, road-building, hydrofracking, industrial wind development, and other activities that would mar the natural character and degrade the recreational opportunities of the area. Wilderness designation of the most remote, wild land within the area offers the strongest protection.

Learn more about the Shenandoah Mountain National Scenic Area and the work of the Virginia Wilderness Committee. The wilderness areas proposed for protection include: