Cahas Mountain Registry Site Paul James – Photo by Donald W. Hyatt 2007

Permission request to reprint photos from ARSPVC Newsletter

Mark Murphy
Dec 27, 2020, 8:25 PM (13 hours ago)
Hello Mr. Hyatt, I am the web administrator for the Virginia Native Plant Society ( I am requesting permission of the ARSPVC to publish on our

Donald Hyatt
9:30 AM (8 minutes ago)
to Donald, me

Hi Mark,
You may certainly use the photo. I attach a higher resolution image (1354 x 900 pixels) which should be OK for web use. I see that I took that image in May of 2007 but I no longer have the original (DSC_3861.JPG) on this computer. I have gone though many computer crashes since 2007 so I did not restore all files with each iteration. I can probably locate the original on backup media if you really need better resolution. The last time I searched for something I think I counted well over 600 Gb of images in multiple places. That photo would be on the order of 3000 x 2000 pixels but I can tell from the (-2) in the filename that I did use Photoshop to adjust the brightness and contrast slightly on the copy I am sending.

Yes, Paul is a national treasure. I am sure members of the VNPS appreciate his kindness, knowledge, generosity, and incredible sense of humor as much as we do in the American Rhododendron Society. He is amazing!

Best regards,

Don Hyatt
Donald W. Hyatt
1948 Lorraine Avenue
McLean, VA 22101
(703) 241-5421

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