Join the VNPS

VNPS members enjoy the natural world and support efforts to preserve Virginia’s native plants. Ranging in age from students to seniors, VNPS includes professionals, knowledgeable amateurs and many who are just beginning to learn about our flora. While some members join enthusiastically in activities, others help out occasionally or support the society solely with their memberships and their interest. All are welcome.

Membership includes:

Sempervirens, published four times each year and filled with timely articles, and your Chapter Newsletter. The VNPS Annual Meeting, hosted by chapters around the state, offering an opportunity to hear exemplary speakers and see native plants.

Our Annual Workshop, offering high quality educational opportunities.

An opportunity to be active in your community through chapter programs and activities including programs, field trips, plant identification, propagation, landscaping, and conservation projects. Community needs and interests determine the thrust of each chapter’s activities.

VNPS members may affiliate with any chapter or choose to support our goals as members at large. Membership is for one year from the month that the application is received. Dues are tax deductible in the amount they exceed $5. Other contributions are tax deductible in accordance with IRS regulations.

More about the Virginia Native Plant Society

The Virginia Native Plant Society (VNPS), founded in 1982 as the Virginia Wildflower Preservation Society, is a nonprofit organization of individuals who share an interest in Virginia’s native plants and habitats. The Society and its chapters seek to further the appreciation and conservation of this priceless heritage.

• As a member of VNPS, you will be part of an organization that strives to have a positive impact on the future of the Commonwealth of Virginia. VNPS supports a variety of programs, which include:

• The Wildflower of the Year spotlights a native plant and its habitat with a colorful and informative brochure.

• The Native Plant Site Registry of natural ecosystems is designed to recognize natural areas in Virginia that contain exemplary plant communities.

• Spring Wildflower Celebration coordinates events such as field trips, plant sales and programs.

• The Invasive Alien Plant program seeks to educate individuals and control invasive species in a partnership with Virginia’s Division of Natural Heritage.

Volunteers carry out the work of the Society with the support of membership dues and contributions. To further its goals, VNPS cooperates in statewide and chapter programs with government agencies, developers, horticulturists and other conservation groups that share our interests. Members occasionally receive legislative alerts and are encouraged to communicate with their elected representatives.

Our website,, offers information about society events; our mission and conservation statement; our programs; our chapters; and links to related organizations. Publications such as brochures, checklists, nursery source information and invasive plant lists can be found on the website or requested from our office.

In everything it does, the Virginia Native Plant Society emphasizes respect for the natural environment.