Wakefield Park Grass Walk with the Grass Bunch

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Saturday, October 19, 2019
9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Wakefield Park


Wakefield Park is one of those ordinary wonders that sit just around the corner. It combines ball fields, the right-of-way for power transmission lines, and the woodlands protecting Accotink Creek—all in a long and narrow park just steps from the Beltway. The power company needs to maintain access to the transmission lines, so voila, the combination of Accotink Creek watershed and human-maintained woodlands edge yields a seasonal wetlands that is an ideal location for meadow grasses.

The variety of grasses is awesome. The Grass Bunch has seen some 50 species in this area before, including sedges, a couple types of wild rye, several types of rushes in the wetter areas, and woodlands grasses in the shady, drier areas along the trail. With the cool fall weather in October, we’re likely to see both the dried out seedheads of the warm-season summer grasses as well as the new flowers of the autumn-blooming grasses.

The Wakefield Park meadows are part of the electrical transmission line right of way, creating a human-maintained meadow free of trees. Photo: Google Maps.

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