Winter 2012-2013 Trips

Please call or e-mail the trip leader if you plan to participate in a particular trip. Let him or her know to expect you. Cancel if your plans change, so the group doesn’t wait for you.

September 15: R. Garland Dodd Park at Point of Rocks. Meet at 10:00 AM in the parking lot at the Martins store at the intersection of Route 1 and 10 in Chester, VA. Contact Richard Moss at 748-2940 or if you plan to come.

October 20: John Hummer’s Wetlands. Tour will begin at 11:30 a.m. It’s free. John asks, as in the past, each person bring a dish, preferably a cold plate of some kind or desert, warm dishes will be acceptable since this time of year the weather’s more agreeable for that. Important: In the event of rain (something beyond just ‘sprinkles’) the tour would be held Nov. 3rd 2013. Two weeks later. As always, footwear should be moisture tolerant, and light. Meet at North Park library, 8508 Franconia Road at 10:30AM, near the intersection of Parham Rd. and I95.

November 14: FIELD TRIP to the RICE CENTER. Trip Leader: Catharine Tucker, email is; cell phone is 804-938-6941. We will leave at 12:15 pm from Henrico County’s North Park Library. Please let Catharine know if you will be coming AND if you will be joining the group at the library. If it’s more convenient for you to go directly to the Rice Center from home, please let me know that also! The staff expects 6-7 of us to arrive at 1:15. Dr. Len Smock, Director of the Rice Center will be our guide in the habitat restoration areas. This is a special opportunity for our chapter since several of us have already seen the research and meeting facilities. He responded to Catharine’s request: “I would be pleased to provide your group with a tour of the Rice Center on Nov 14. We have our regularly scheduled open house that afternoon; however, I will provide a tour specifically to your group.” Don’t forget to communicate with the trip leader!!

Suggestions for future field trips this fall and winter are encouraged. Possibilities are Pocahontas State Park, Deep Run Park, and other small parks in the metro Richmond area that haven’t been visited by the chapter recently. Anyone who can act as a trip leader is welcome. Trip leaders only need to be the contact help us find the location, not necessarily know the plants we’ll see!


Anyone have someplace you would like to visit? Are there more of the field trips that were conducted at the annual meeting that you would like repeated for our chapter? Are there nearby localities, parks or backyards that could be a worthwhile for a Sunday afternoon visit? Suggestions, please.

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