Neon Reporting Sample Page


These reports are written specifically for ONE chapter, and run based upon date logic ‘for the last month’. This keeps the reports always fresh, as no matter what month you run the it’s always for ‘last month’. We would need to create a master report and replicate it for each chapter; this setup would be one-time, not each month.

These reports could be made secure in a few ways:

  • Hidden page not visible on any menu, but for which the link is provided to the chapter.
  • By using the code, as shown on a few examples below (this is required to run the report).
  • By password-protecting the web page (recommended).

Link: Blue Ridge Members Expired Before This Month

Use code BRREPRT for test.

Link: Fredericksburg Members Expired Before This Month

Does not require a code for testing.

Link: Potowmack Members Expired Before This Month

Use code POTREPRT for test.


This report has been written for the entire organization. To filter for just one chapter or ‘at large’, the results would need to be exported to Excel and filtered. This is an easier approach for setup, but not as customized for the chapters.

Link: Transaction Report, Whole Organization, For Last Calendar Month

No code is needed for running this report. This is a sample of a report for the entire organization. This would be an excellent way to share some reports that aren’t needed often, but that should be readily available.