State Pollinator Protection Plan

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Tuesday, January 26, 2016
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

John Barton Payne Community Room


The Virginia Dept of Agriculture and Consumer Services, (VDACS ), is seeking stakeholder input in development of the agency’s plan. Interested parties may attend one of seven meetings around the state or submit comments in writing. Details are available in this Request for Stakeholder Input Letter (pdf).

The final plan will be developed based upon the input received from stakeholders, taking into consideration feasibility and cost effectiveness.

As the state’s lead agency for pesticide regulation, VDACS is laying the framework for the agency’s Virginia State Managed Pollinator Protection Plan. This is part of a national effort by state and federal agencies to help reverse pollinator losses and restore pollinator populations.

VDACS’ proposed plan is a voluntary, proactive approach which focuses on enhanced communication and coordination between agricultural producers, landowners, pesticide applicators and beekeepers as a means to further protect pollinators. The plan is a set of recommendations and best practices for the protection of managed pollinators that allows both crop production and beekeeping to thrive. It is not intended to prohibit, eliminate or further restrict the application of pesticides, but rather reduce the risk of pesticide exposure to pollinators when pesticides are used nearby or within their normal foraging range. In all cases, pesticide applications must be made in accordance with the pesticide label and all applicable federal and state pesticide laws and regulations.


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