VNPS Letters to FERC

January 12, 2015
Comments on the Atlantic Coast Pipeline Project

Today two letters of comment were submitted by VNPS to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, (FERC). The first letter was written by our Conservation Chair, Marcia Mabee Bell, in consultation with many experts, and the second is a letter which ours refers to, written by Tom Smith, Natural Heritage Director, on behalf of the Department of Conservation and Recreation, (DCR), to Dominion.  We hope you take the opportunity to read these letters which represent the knowledge of some of Virginia’s most knowledgeable conservationists.

The FERC is accepting comments from organizations as well as individuals. If you comment as an individual, it is important not to mention any association with VNPS so that searches of FERC documents for VNPS comments are not confused with the comments of individual members.  You are encouraged to submit your own comments, though; obviously numbers matter.

VNPS Letter to FERC

Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation Letter to Dominion