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Spring 2018 Plant Sales

Fall 2017 Native Plant Sales

Spring 2017 Native Plant Sales

Fall 2016 Plant Sales

Spring 2016 Plant Sales

The following are the plant sales that we know about for 2016. Don’t see yours? Let us know:

2015 Native Plant Sales

A printable version of the Plant Sale list is available at the bottom of the page.

Fall 2014 Plant Sales

The Awkward Relationship Between Homo sapiens And Planet Earth

I, as do so many of you, present lectures and workshops to a wide range of people in which we are encouraging them to become familiar with the local flora, to plant native plants that require less water, to plant and conserve those species that are important to insects, birds and other animal species, a… [Read More]

Looking Back: VNPS in 2017

Small but mighty, the VNPS rose up with spirit to meet the challenges of 2017.  The members of our Society did not sit around eating bonbons and gnashing teeth over discouraging events last year. Well, maybe there was some gnashing of teeth . . . but in the end, dedicated people got out and got… [Read More]

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