Imperiled Plants and Missing Pieces

Parnassia grandifolia, large leaf-grass-of-Parnussus. Photo used with permission

Plants that on are imperiled lists today may become missing pieces tomorrow unless action is taken. Do we know which ones are imperiled? Will it make a difference if rare plants disappear? The Virginia Native Plant Society thinks it does, and has taken steps to help conserve some of the wildflowers in our state that… [Read More]

Unwanted and Unloved: Porcelain-berry!

Porcelain-berry showing the range of colors the berries assume during maturation process

This is the time of year when it becomes apparent that porcelain-berry is making a bold attempt at taking over the world. Or at least vast swathes of Virginia’s forests, especially those near urban areas. Suddenly those white flowers and multi-colored berries are appearing on what seemed yesterday to be innocent green vines…in fact, didn’t… [Read More]

Seeds of a New Chapter?

Eastern Shore Demonstration Garden

Virginia’s Eastern Shore: it’s that part of the state that is separated from the rest of the Commonwealth, attached by land to Maryland and connected to the rest of Virginia only by the 17.6-mile Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, an engineering marvel. All too often the ES is omitted from simple maps of the state, and residents… [Read More]